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Looking for wedding napkin ideas for your special event? I have recently discovered the fun craft of wood burning. It is so much fun! Looking for a unique way to personalize your napkin rings for your wedding reception or dinner party? Today, I want to share with you a really cool napkin ring idea, using a mini birch disc from the craft store. This craft project is so easy!  If you would rather watch a video on how I made this craft project, scroll on down to the bottom.

Wedding Napkin Ideas from

Wedding Napkin Ideas Supplies

Mini Wood Birch Discs
Wood Burning Tool
Alphabet Attachments
Hot Glue

You can purchase a wood burning tool for around $20, and the alphabet attachments run around $15 (less if you use a coupon).

Wedding napkin idea from

Here are the mini Birch wood discs.  Look for the in the wood crafting section.  They were half off for $2.50!  Great deal!  There was also another choice of wood discs that were very light colored, almost white.

Wedding napkin idea from

The paper-like bark around the outside edge of these wood discs, is beautiful!

Wedding napkin idea from

This is what the wood burning tool looks like, nothing fancy.  It comes with a little metal stand.

Wedding napkin idea from

These are the alphabet attachments.  You can see how they screw into the wood burning tool.  The wood burning tool heats up extremely hot, so whenever changing any attachments you always use needle nose pliers to keep from burning yourself.

Wedding napkin ideas from

To begin, you want to measure and mark the center of the birch disc with a pencil. After the wood tool is hot and ready to go, and your letter is attached, simply press the letter into the wood. Without lifting your wood burning tool, rock it back and forth to make sure all the edges of the letter burn the wood evenly.

Now, I practiced on an old piece of wood before beginning. It helped me understand how long to hold the letter on the wood to get the best results.

Wedding napkin idea from

If you lift the wood burning tool, and find your letter did not burn on evenly, don’t panic. Simply place the tool back over the letter, pressing in the area that was missed.

If this is an idea you want to do for your wedding, it really doesn’t take any time at all to burn each disc!

Wedding napkin idea from

Once you are finished burning your letters into the birch discs, it is time to add the ribbon. Making sure your letter is lined up straight, turn your disc over and apply a dab of hot glue. Press your ribbon onto the hot glue, and let dry.

Wedding napkin ideas from

Next, tie your gorgeous napkin ring onto a napkin, placing the knot on the underside of the napkin. Then you want to trim your ties at an angle close to the knot. To add color and interest to your special napkin ring, place real or faux greenery behind birch disc.  Don’t you love these?  Really, this is one of the easiest wedding napkin ideas you can do!


Wedding Napkin Ideas Video

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Wedding napkin ideas from

Beautiful wedding napkin idea from Colin Cowie, one of my favorite event decorators!

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