Valentine Craft Ideas – Using letters for fun Valentine decorating ideas

Valentine craft ideas aren’t just for kids! I love the sweetness of this holiday, and I enjoy having a few Valentine decorations around my house. This is an easy craft idea that can be used for many other holidays or everyday use!

All you need for this project is an old piece of wood, ribbon, letters, and some unique hardware.

If you can’t find an old board, purchase a 1′ x 4′ board and faux finish by painting it off-white and adding some antiquing glaze.  The board in the photo is about 4′ long.

I purchased metal letters from the craft store.  You could also use wood letters.   Metal letters are great because they can stand on their own. This is perfect  in case I wanted to use them on a bookshelf instead of hanging them on the board.

If you don’t live near a craft store that carries metal letters, you can order them on-line from Amazon.

Unfortunately, the store only had one letter that was red. Time to break out the paint. I used acrylic paint which dries super fast.
If you want to give the metal or wooden letters a vintage look, you will need to sand the edges and sand off the paint in a few other areas like shown above. When you are done sanding, make sure to wipe off all the sanding dust from your letters.

My “go-to” color for antiquing is “burnt umber”. A small 2 oz. bottle of this acrylic color will last forever. Use a brush to apply onto the letters, and then take a slightly damp paper towel to gently rub off the color.  Always wipe in an up and down direction.  Once dry, spray your letters with an acrylic sealer.

Isn’t this a cool looking knob?  I found it at the craft store with all of the other cool knob choices!

Before you attach the knobs you will want to attach your mounting hardware. Use heavy duty sawtooth hangers that you can hammer into your board. Attach two of these on each end of your board.

Measure out where you want to place your knobs, then mark with a pencil before attaching. These knobs did not come with screws, so silver was the only choice. How do you make the screws blend in with the rust look of the knob?

Easy! Just a little “burnt umber” and you will never notice them!

I’m a nut for a pretty bow! I didn’t want to use a red bow and take away from the red letters. Plus, I like when Valentine craft ideas look vintage. This caramel colored satin ribbon was perfect.

You could use this wall decor all year round.  Use it to hang plates, or even in a mud room for coats and purses.

If you don’t want to make a wall decoration, just place your letters on a shelf or mantel. I LOVE it.

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  1. Did you get your letters from Hobby Lobby? I’ve been trying to find a “V” everywhere! Have all the letters but that one and it’s not online or in our local stores 🙁

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