Thanksgiving Table Decorations – Easy, Cheap, and Beautiful!

Hello there! Ready for some Thanksgiving table decorations that will make your friends and family very impressed? Would you like to see a cheap centerpiece idea that does not look cheap? Well, I am glad you stopped by Decorating Ideas Made Easy!

I really love combining natural elements with elegant table decor. It gives a table a dramatic, yet understated flair.

Are you hosting Thanksgiving at your home this year? Are you stressed out about the whole affair? Well, can I throw out some unsolicited advice? I have always had a better success rate when I “keep it simple“.

You don’t have to have an expensive and elaborate centerpiece to make your table look divine. You don’t have to have expensive tableware and cutlery to create a stunning table.

From your table decorating to your dinner menu, keep it as simple as possible. I promise, you will have better success, feel at ease, and everyone will love the day! Okay, I’m done. Just thought I would throw that out there.

Cheap Centerpiece Idea

If someone asked me for some inexpensive table centerpiece ideas, I’m not sure you can get much cheaper than this Thanksgiving centerpiece I designed. Especially since some of the items can be found in the back yard!

For this centerpiece, you need five white pumpkins, one small twig wreath, an old board, pine cones, candles, and natural fillers.

The first thing you want to find, is an old board. I purchased mine at the flea market for $5. Just make sure you give it a good wipe down. You want your board to cover around two-thirds of the table.

You will need a small twig wreath. Craft stores carry these, and they run around $5.

Place your pumpkin on the wreath. Make sure enough of the twigs extend past the pumpkin, so that you can add some natural elements.

These are the fillers I used in my wreath. The little pumpkin, wheat, and berries are plastic. You can buy little feathers in a bag at the craft store.

Don’t worry about hot gluing everything into the twig wreath. Just push them in and they will stay.

To add a little elegance to your Thanksgiving table setting, place candles between the pumpkins.

Space out your pumpkins evenly on your board, and you will have a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece!

Thanksgiving table decorations don’t have to be expensive to be beautiful!

These dishes were given to me from a friend. Many times vintage plates are a lot smaller than plates made today. So, I used cheap white plates as chargers. Mix and match your tableware. It doesn’t have to be a matching set!

These glasses were $12 from the flea market. The set included 12 glasses! Yep, a dollar a glass, you can’t beat that! If you want to save money, spend some time at thrift stores, flea markets, or antique stores finding your tableware. Thanksgiving table decorations do not have to empty your wallet, your food bill will be expensive enough!

A Little Elegance With Napkins

Here are two ways to display your napkins. For Thanksgiving, I like to use real napkins, but you can also use the nice dinner napkins from “Vanity”.

Here, all I did was press my napkins neatly, and then lay them under the bowl and saucer.

This is a fun and easy way to fold your napkin.

So, remember it doesn’t have to be expensive to be elegant! Keep things simple, don’t stress yourself out. Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday!

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