Wedding Table Decorating Ideas

I prefer to keep wedding table decorating ideas easy.  Sometimes it is the simple ideas that come across the most elegant.  I don't take on too many weddings, mostly because it is a ton of work!  I have a special decorating client, and we have a really great working relationship.  So, when she asked if I could decorate for her daughter's wedding I couldn't say no. The photo above is the bridal party table.  There were 16 seats, so the table was rather long!  I placed Seeded Eucalyptus all … [Read more...]

Wedding Napkin Ideas

Looking for wedding napkin ideas for your special event? I have recently discovered the fun craft of wood burning. It is so much fun! Looking for a unique way to personalize your napkin rings for your wedding reception or dinner party? Today, I want to share with you a really cool napkin ring idea, using a mini birch disc from the craft store. This craft project is so easy!  If you would rather watch a video on how I made this craft project, scroll on down to the bottom. Wedding Napkin … [Read more...]

Decorating a Cake With Flowers

What is it about the word “cake” that just makes people happy?   Is it because it is associated with all special occasions?  Maybe, it is because many of us remember our mothers making a cake, and waiting in wonderful anticipation for her to hand us the beaters to lick. When I was a little girl, cake was a serious treat.  Because we didn’t have much money, fun non-essential food was an extravagant pleasure.   So, even now as an adult I say, “let me eat cake”. Recently, my daughter-in-law’s … [Read more...]

Wedding Decorations on a Budget!

Finding wedding decorations on a budget can be tough!  There are so many stunning pictures on Pinterest, but it is easy to get the budget completely out-of-whack! Decorations and supplies add up so quickly!  But, there are ways to save money decorating, and not compromise elegance and beauty!  If you are willing to roll up your sleeves, and aren't afraid of DIY decorating, then together we can get this done! Don't be afraid to ask for help from friends and family!  Delegate as much as … [Read more...]

Wedding Chair Decorations – Beautiful and Inexpensive Idea!

I have two sons getting married this summer! Wedding chair decorations are just one out of a hundred things needing to be done! A group of ladies and I attended a bridal show in Nashville.  There were so many fabulous ideas. I took several photos to share with you. MR. and MRS. Burlap Chair Signs Below is a photo of an idea I came up with after being inspired by all the wonderful ideas at the bridal show.  This is an extremely beautiful and inexpensive decoration that anyone can … [Read more...]