Decorating a Cake With Flowers

What is it about the word “cake” that just makes people happy?   Is it because it is associated with all special occasions?  Maybe, it is because many of us remember our mothers making a cake, and waiting in wonderful anticipation for her to hand us the beaters to lick. When I was a little girl, cake was a serious treat.  Because we didn’t have much money, fun non-essential food was an extravagant pleasure.   So, even now as an adult I say, “let me eat cake”. Recently, my daughter-in-law’s … [Read more...]

Elegant Party Ideas

Tips to help you throw a fabulous party! Are you looking for easy elegant party ideas? Entertaining friends and family is one of my greatest joys. Good food, laughter, and pleasant conversations over coffee, is the true meaning of living simply. This is what life is about, isn't it? I am a southern girl at heart! While I love an elegant party, I want my guests to feel relaxed and happy. Do you get stressed out and anxious before you entertain? And then do you end up not having fun at … [Read more...]