French Country Decorating

Ideas from distressed painted furniture to French Country fabrics! How do you define French Country decorating? Personally, it is one of my absolute favorite styles. It embodies grace, charm, and simple elegance. The French Country style is warm and welcoming. French Country Decorating truly has no set rules; just a few guidelines. It is all about textured walls, informal wood tones, vivacious colored fabrics, weathered patinas, and distressed painted furniture. It mixes and matches Old … [Read more...]

French Country Living Room

Create the French Country Look in Your Home Are you looking for French Country living room ideas? Are you trying to figure out how to acquire this timeless style for your home? What I find so appealing about French Country decorating is its' ability to add charm and beauty without being pretentious. The colors can be bold, or stay subtle with different hues of white and cream. There are many different interpretations of the French Country style. But, don't let this confuse or frustrate … [Read more...]

French Country Cottage Furniture – Transform Your Furniture! Easy!

French Country Cottage furniture is unpretentious and unique. Whether a piece is all white, or painted in a soft hue, this style of furniture has a distinct beauty all its' own. It can have a weathered patina, or an antiqued finish. And because it has a purposefully imperfect finish, it makes it durable and easy-going for any family. This first furniture makeover idea is fabulous! Not only is it easy, but talk a great budget decorating idea! I love it! Kim, from Savvy Southern Style is the … [Read more...]