Fall Porch Decorating Ideas You Have to See

Looking for some fall porch decorating ideas?  Are you lucky enough to have a front porch?  I'm glad you have visited today!  Below are a few beautiful and inspirational fall decorating ideas. Many times in the early evening hours, Scott and I will go for a long drive.  This is something we do several times a week.  Hey, I’m a cheap date. The radio is left off, the windows are down, and we follow different back roads all over Rutherford County.  I am always hoping to spot several deer … [Read more...]

Easy Fall Decorating Ideas You will Love

Looking for easy fall decorating ideas?  To me, fall is one of the best seasons to decorate!  Mainly because just a few fall decorations can be inexpensive and still make a beautiful impact. I headed out to my porch early in the morning with a hot cup of coffee. The minute I opened the door, instead of stifling thick air, I was met by a cool breeze. The temperature change was like a breath of fresh air! As I began sipping my coffee, the thoughts of fall began to fill me with … [Read more...]