Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Christmas tree decorating ideas always get me excited and ready for the holidays. Decorating for Christmas should be a fun and nostalgic memory every year. BUT, I've spent many a Christmas ready to throw my tree out the front door. I've had a real tree that wouldn't fit in a tree stand. I've had a fake tree you could throw a softball through and never hit a branch. I've had lights that won't work; ornaments missing hooks; crooked trees-- I really could go on. I hope I'm not the only one that has … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree Ideas – Need some inspiration?

Looking for Christmas tree ideas for inspiration for your tree?  Does your tree need a makeover? Or, maybe this is your first time to decorate a tree. Well, you have stopped by the right place! These photos will help you with deciding on a great Christmas tree theme! You can never go wrong going with a white Christmas decorating theme.  Purchase a flocked tree, or add your own snow.  You can purchase faux snow in a spray can at your local craft store. The simplicity of this tree is … [Read more...]