Silk Flower Centerpiece – Silk Floral Design Step by Step Tutorial

Are you looking for silk flower centerpiece ideas? Would you like to know how to make silk flower arrangements cheap and affordable? It may seem like making your own silk flower centerpiece is way too intimidating, but following these step-by-step instructions will make it seem easy. This is one accessorizing idea that really makes a home inviting. Whether you use your floral arrangement for a dining room decorating idea for your table, or on top of one of your favorite furniture … [Read more...]

Photo Collage Ideas

Are you looking for photo collage ideas to help you create a gallery full of memories? I recently had a reader submit a question about how to make a picture collage on the wall. I thought that was a fantastic question, so here is a page full of some fabulous ideas. One of the smartest ways to make your collage design look fabulous, is to create a photo collage template. These fantastic pictures on how to create a template are from Alisha, of Alisha layed her … [Read more...]

Living Room Design Ideas – Decorating on a Budget

I spent weeks putting my living room design ideas together for our living room makeover. This room was in desperate need of an update. To save money, I reused many things I had, like the table in the photo above. This is an antique record cabinet that was my mother's first furniture purchase back in ... well never mind. I stripped and re-stained the cabinet. Now, not only is it beautiful, but is special and dear to me. My husband gave our fireplace a fantastic makeover, thanks to … [Read more...]

Kitchen Decorating Ideas That Won’t Break Your Budget!

Do you need help with Kitchen decorating ideas? When you walk in your kitchen does it just feel cluttered and uninviting? With a few decorating tips, I will help you turn your kitchen in to a room you love to walk into. The kitchen should be the happiest room in the house. It is where families and friends seem to gather the most. So why not make it something you are proud of, and want to show off? I am going to be brutally honest about what makes a kitchen UNAPPEALING; clutter and just … [Read more...]

Living Room Decor Ideas – Make your room stunning!

Are you looking for living room decor ideas that are unique, smart, and affordable? I recently gave my living room a makeover, and accessorizing this room was my favorite part! When trying to come up with my living room design ideas, I realized that  I wanted to accessorize with a look of rustic industrial style. I'm a broken record here, but the flea market is the place to shop if you want to fill your room with unique items. Three different sized jars filled with beans. That is … [Read more...]