Small Bathroom Makeovers – Easy Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Are you looking for ideas about small bathroom makeovers? Are you in need of some inspiration for your bathroom? We recently redecorated our guest bathroom, and it looks so much better! Below are photos of our project, as well as more before and after photos of other bathrooms that will help motivate your creative side.

In need of a small bathroom makeover:

Our guest bathroom was in need of a makeover. The sink counter top and cabinet itself were fine, but that light fixture was screaming to be taken down.

The medicine cabinet didn’t do anything to add elegance to the room, and the wallpaper was really out-of-date.

What a difference different wallpaper made! A larger print really opened up the space! I love the mirror! It looks so much better than the medicine cabinet!

The new wall sconces make such an impact. I had my husband install a dimmer switch so that I could keep the lights low when I am having company. It makes the room look like it is lit by candlelight.


Well, this area sure needed to be redone! Even experienced interior decorators get out-of-date!

Adding a small container of greenery on the toilet adds just the right touch.

When decorating a smaller room, many times we decorate with small wall art. But, this can give the room a cluttered feel. Don’t be afraid of large wall decor.

One of my favorite decorative bathroom accessories is monogrammed towels. I found this decorative towel rack at a discount store for $15. Removing the storage cabinet gave the illusion of a larger room.

Decorative Bathroom Accessories

Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing the right decorative bathroom accessories. Don’t over clutter your counter tops, especially, if you are accessorizing a guest bathroom.

Find a fun soap dispenser. Although I love monogrammed soaps, I tend to always stick with a soap dispenser instead. It is easier to clean, and always looks great.

Organize in style with glass jars!  Fill them with your favorite polish!

This is a photo I took in a model home.  I love the ribbon around the towels, and the small picture above them.  Perfect!

There are many shower curtain ideas you can implement for your bathroom makeover. But, I really like to keep it simple. This waffle-weave shower curtain paired with new shower curtain rings, and a new shower curtain rod is simple but elegant.

You can never go wrong with a candle. A tea light is great for guest bathrooms, you never have to worry about the flames getting out of control.

For a few dollars, you can dramatically change the look of your cabinets, by changing out your hardware.

A Unique Idea Using an Old Door

Mirrors make any room larger, so I purchased an old screen door and had a mirror cut to fit. Not only is it a cheap decorating idea, but my guests love it!

If you love cottage style decorating, this would be a perfect idea for any room in your home.

My dream bathroom:

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