Living Room Design Ideas – Decorating on a Budget

I spent weeks putting my living room design ideas together for our living room makeover. This room was in desperate need of an update. To save money, I reused many things I had, like the table in the photo above. This is an antique record cabinet that was my mother's first furniture purchase back in ... well never mind. I stripped and re-stained the cabinet. Now, not only is it beautiful, but is special and dear to me. My husband gave our fireplace a fantastic makeover, thanks to … [Read more...]

Living Room Ideas

Ideas That Say "Sit and Stay" Without Breaking The Bank! Finding the right living room ideas can sometimes be frustrating. I think the living room is one of the more difficult rooms to decorate. Placing your living room furniture correctly, choosing the right accessories, window treatment ideas, and lighting are the main components in living room design ideas. Implementing good living room ideas should be near the top of your decorating list. It is where a lot of time is spent with … [Read more...]

Log Cabin Interior Design – A delightful guest bedroom makeover

Looking for log cabin interior design ideas? I recently decorated a log cabin vacation home for a wonderful client. Be sure to check out my other posts for more ideas! Just click on "Rustic Decorating" in the navigation bar on the left, and read all about this inspirational design makeover. What I would like to share with you today is the upstairs guest bedroom. This room belongs to two young teenage girls. The room was bare, dark, and uninviting. This log cabin bedroom needed some … [Read more...]

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Ideas – Fabulous Kitchen Paint Colors

When it comes to kitchen cabinet painting ideas many people stick with the standard white, cream, or black colors. Any other colors seem to be intimidating and hard to visualize. Edie from Life in Grace shows us that you do not have to be scared of color! If someone said to me I am going to paint my cabinet a turquoise blue, I would be really curious how that was going to turn out. But I love the look of cottage style kitchens. Let me just say her kitchen.....turned out FABULOUS! It … [Read more...]

Kitchen Decorating Ideas That Won’t Break Your Budget!

Do you need help with Kitchen decorating ideas? When you walk in your kitchen does it just feel cluttered and uninviting? With a few decorating tips, I will help you turn your kitchen in to a room you love to walk into. The kitchen should be the happiest room in the house. It is where families and friends seem to gather the most. So why not make it something you are proud of, and want to show off? I am going to be brutally honest about what makes a kitchen UNAPPEALING; clutter and just … [Read more...]