Removing Popcorn Ceiling

Turn your ceiling from drab to fab! Ready to learn the trick to "removing popcorn ceiling"? I hated my ceiling! Not only did my popcorn ceiling date my master bedroom, but it was dirty and dusty! I will help you go step-by-step in removing your popcorn ceiling, as well as teach you how to paint a ceiling. It is a lot of work, I won't lie, but it is so worth the end result! This is a photo of my master bedroom popcorn ceiling. I had learned the trick of removing popcorn ceiling a few … [Read more...]

Painting Wood Furniture

Learn to save hundreds of dollars painting your own furniture! I would have to say painting wood furniture is probably my favorite DIY project.  I enjoy playing with different mediums, and when there isn't a lot of money spent on the furniture in the first place, it gives me the confidence to try new things. From Old 80's Style Table to Cool Industrial Style Table I actually have two of these tables, and paid $10 a piece for them!  They are Broyhill, and extremely heavy and … [Read more...]

Painted Furniture Ideas

I literally could look at painted furniture ideas all day long! Reading about how someone applies a faux painting technique that adds an instant patina of age is always so interesting and intriguing. Someone that is able to see an old beat up piece of furniture, and realize its' potential is a special person. I love how this distressed piece of furniture has different hues of color throughout. If you have a dated bathroom cabinet in your home, don't replace it, give it a makeover with … [Read more...]

Painting a Deck

A new product by Behr that made this project so easy! Painting a deck is no easy DIY project! My deck has been my nemesis for years. I have painted it, stained it, and still it peels, cracks, and stains horribly! When I try to pressure wash the dirt away, many times small sections of the paint or stain would come off! I found a new product from Behr that worked wonderfully. It is called "Deck Over". This project can be used painting a wood deck or it can be used on concrete. The … [Read more...]

Painting Furniture Ideas

DIY furniture makeovers that will save you tons of money! There are so many painting furniture ideas that I love to talk about, look at, and drool over. There is something about seeing a piece of furniture that has been hand painted that makes me swoon. Whether it is a flea market find, garage sale find, or just an old piece your grandmother gave you, when you take a piece of furniture that is unattractive and turn it into something gorgeous, well to me, that is something special. I try … [Read more...]