Opening a Home Decor Store

I am taking the plunge, and opening a home decor store.  This March, my husband and I are opening a home decor store.  It has been a dream of mine for over 20 years.  All of my chicks have left the nest, and it seems the stars have lined up for this new adventure.

Opening a Home Decor Store -

I decided to record this journey, with a mini VLOG series.  It begins at the construction phase of the store.

There are probably some of you that have run or are running a retail business.  Please share your comments and wisdom!  I’m all ears!

Why Am I Opening a Home Decor Store?

I have been running JD Designs, my interior decorating business for about 10 years.  Before that I ran a custom drapery business out of my home.  Why open a home decor store now?  Why not?  I’m 48 years old, and part of me says, “Lady, what are you thinking?  You are joining the game late”.  But, then I think, who cares how old I am, if this is a dream that could possibly work, better late than never.

I’m interested in creating a store that is an experience.  A place that makes people feel warm and fuzzy when they walk in.  I’m interested in helping others create a home they love and adore.  I do not wish anyone to feel intimidated or overwhelmed when they walk through the door.  I have been in many home decor stores that make you feel like you don’t belong.  This will not happen when customers visit “JD’s”.  You are a friend when you visit.  Maybe I am unrealistic in my “PollyAnna” thoughts.  But, making someone feel special, and helping to bring joy and happiness into their home, is important to me.

Well, below is my first VLOG post.  I would love it, if you would come along the journey with me.  Be sure to subscribe to my channel, for more videos to come.

Thank you.

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