New Years Eve Party Decorations

Fabulous ideas for a fabulous party!

I had a wonderful time making my New Years Eve party decorations this year!  Our theme centered around “the Roaring 20’s”, so the glitzier the better.

I purchased all my decorations after Christmas and saved a ton of money.  My daughter helped me hang ornaments from our dining room chandelier.  We found the large “disco ball” ornament at a local craft store and paired it with black glitter ornaments.

We used Christmas beads in gold, silver, and black to drape from the chandelier to the corners of the room.  Guests really loved this look!

In several doorways we draped this silver and gold garland and hung a large ornament in the middle.

We added this pretty silver garland to another chandelier!

This is my buffet table decorations.   The mirror was draped with silver garland and Christmas lights.

I made the centerpiece with black and white florals, and black and white feathers!

New Years Eve Art

I’m all about cheap wall decor!  This was so easy to make!  I purchased a canvas, and painted it with yellow and white acrylic paint.  Just mix the two colors together right onto the canvas.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Next, I rubbed a paper towel onto some brown stamping ink, and used it to darken the edges of the canvas.

The clock faces were purchased from the craft store, and are self-adhesive.  Can’t get much easier than that!  The small triangles and letters are cardboard.  I just painted them, and then added glitter.  They were hot glued right onto the canvas!

These streamers hung in the doorways was one of the cheapest and easiest New Years Eve decorations we did!  Again, they were found in the Christmas aisle.  The streamers are attached together with enough of an edge so they could be taped to the top of the doorway.  Everyone loved these!

Cardboard numbers were “glitified”, and placed inside a lighted kitchen cabinet.  They sparkled the night away!

New Years Eve Party Decorations on the Front Door!

My guests were greeted with this fun door decoration.  I simply hot glued all the silver and gold sprigs directly onto an artificial Christmas swag, and topped it off with a bow!

New Years Eve decorations don’t have to be expensive, especially if you are able to go shopping after Christmas when everything is on sale!

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