Nautical Boys Bedroom

Decorating a kid’s room is one of my favorite rooms to tackle. Maybe it is because I can release the little kid in me, and explore fun ways to create a room that allows a child’s imagination to soar.

I just finished decorating a little boy’s room, and would love to share how I turned a blank canvas into a room where a little boy can pretend he is the captain of a grand ship!

Nautical boys roomThis room was long and narrow. One entire wall had a built-in bookshelf. So, I needed to come up with a unique wall decor idea that would fill one large area.

I headed off to HomeGoods. Best decision! They had a ton of nautical decorating ideas. When I stumbled upon four oars, I knew they would become part of the wall decor. They were an awful green color, but I knew I could paint them. When you are trying to design a room, always look at decor with a DIY eye.  If it isn’t the exact color you want, or maybe the stain isn’t dark enough, remember you can change things with paint and stain!

nautical boys roomNext, I found two large wood pictures, one with a crab, and one with a ship wheel. Perfect! If anyone was watching the security cameras of me with a basket full of four oars, and two large wood pictures trying to maneuver through narrow aisles, they would have had quite a laugh. Oh well.nautical boys roomBelow the wall decor, I added a narrow bench. When I found a fish pillow, I knew that guy would sit on the bench! I paired my fish pillow with a striped pillow. Now, onto the large bookshelves!

nautical roomBookshelves are tricky to decorate. I like to have an equal balance of books, and decor. Since this was a little boy’s room, I didn’t feel the need to add a ton of books, but rather more fun nautical decor.

The middle shelf was lined with a series of children’s books. I like to pick out a colorful and fun children’s book to stand up all by itself on one side of the shelf. It encourages the child to want to read, as well adding a charming picture to the bookshelf.

The little table beside the leather chair had a white top. I used the same color red that I used on the oars and gave it two coats of paint followed by a coat of polyurethane.

nautical boys roomI found a sign “the ocean fixes everything”, and sighed with agreement. I actually hung this sign on the back of one of the bookshelves. Use a really small nail if you plan on hanging a picture on the bookshelf wall. It can easily be repaired later with wood putty and paint.

nautical themeThese beautiful rope adorned glass balls sit on the shelf.  They add color and blend well with the nautical theme.

nautical theme roomI felt so lucky to have found this cool wood bucket.  It was one of my favorite nautical boys bedroom decor items!  I placed several children’s books inside.

nautical theme

If you are getting ready to decorate a kid’s room, try to choose decor that will be transitional through several years. This room was decorated for a four-year old, but can easily be used for another eight to ten years.

Many times children fall in love with a movie or television show, and want their whole room decorated with every possible item that is related. Usually, in about a year, they are bored and have moved onto something different. Then you are stuck with redecorating.

Incorporate rather than redecorate around a movie or television theme. This will save you time and money!

Just a little old fashioned advice:

Always keep a fun collection of kids books part of your decorating ideas, whether you keep books on a shelf, or in a fun basket. Let me sound old fashioned for a minute. Encourage your children to love reading! Too many kids these days have their noses stuck to an electronic device! When my boys were little, I allowed them to stay up an extra hour, if they read a book. If they didn’t want to read, they had to turn the light off and go to sleep. Guess what they chose? This decision turned them into serious readers. They went through tons of books. It allowed them to have a quiet hour, to shut the world out, and let their imagination in. Just a thought from an old fashioned girl. Have a great week.

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