My Favorite Target Christmas Decorations

Inexpensive Target Christmas Decorations! Here are some of my favorite Target Christmas decorations.  I cannot go into Target with a list and NOT come out with other things.  They just jump into my basket.  Really.

I found this gorgeous felt, berry, and pine cone wreath for $20.  I added a bow, and this is my sweet wreath that greets my back door guests.

Inexpensive Target Christmas Decorations! JenniferDecorates.comCheck out how pretty this fabric bucket is! (sorry, check, get it?)  This was in the front of the stores in the $5 bins!  What a fabulous deal, and my little tree looks perfect!

Inexpensive Target Christmas Decorations! JenniferDecorates.comDon’t you love these deer?  They were actually $5 ornaments.  I removed the little round eye hook at the top, and placed them next to a pretty little tree.  Next, I sprinkled snow around the deer and tree.

Inexpensive Target Christmas Decorations! JenniferDecorates.comI am so impressed with the details in these little deer!  They are so sweet.  Their eyes, antlers, and hooves look so real.

My Favorite Target Christmas Decorations……

Inexpensive Target Christmas Decorations! JenniferDecorates.comThis is my sweet pup, Molly.  I found her Christmas collar in the pet section!  The red and green colors look beautiful against her coloring.


Inexpensive Target Christmas Decorations! JenniferDecorates.comThe pup on the left is Emma.  Molly wanted to wear the Santa hat.  Target has a lot of adorable pet accessories for the holidays.

Inexpensive Target Christmas Decorations! JenniferDecorates.comHere is a little apothecary jar filled with old fashion peppermints.  A sweet bow tied to the top finishes off the entire “sweet” look.

Throw Some Love at Wal-Mart

Country Christmas decorating ideas from Jennifer Decorates.comThese glittery white deer are from Wal-Mart.  I placed them in a mirrored tray that stays out all year long.  A little snow sprinkled in, ornaments, greenery and a pine cone finished off this little vignette.

Country Christmas decorating ideas from Jennifer Decorates.comSee the red, gold and brown ornaments?  They are all one long garland.  I love this garland and the colors they paired together.  The ornaments are shatter proof, and they wove in and out of the greenery perfectly.

Well, these are my favorite Target Christmas decorations of 2015.  Target is a fabulous store, but does not help me keep within my budget!  Seriously, they are coming out with more and more affordable home decor items, and this makes my clients happy!

And, to make matters even more difficult for me, my Target put in a Starbucks at the front of the store.  Talk about a great consumer targeting campaign.  I bounce from coffee to the $5 bins before I even hit the ladies clothes that are on sale!

Have a wonderful holiday!  Relax, take a breathe and enjoy this season!


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