Log Cabin Living Room Before and After Photos

This log cabin living room has a vaulted ceiling and opens up to the kitchen. The is a vacation home for one of my clients, and it was a hoot to decorate!


My first priority was making the room cozy and comfortable. More seating was needed, as well as window treatments, lighting, and accessories.

A leather loveseat, couch, and over-sized chair was added, along with an upholstered occasional chair. The large coffee table fit perfectly in front of the couch.


Besides more seating, what furniture there was in the cabin living room, was not substantial enough for such a large space.

The green doors were painted brown, accessories were added to the mantel, and the biggest improvement was the long custom-made drapes. The drapes are 18′ long, and weigh a ton! I won’t even go into the details about the time we had hanging them!  Let’s just say I hate heights!

But, what a difference the drapes made in softening the room, and creating a cozy environment.


Having too many little things on a wall can make a room feel cluttered.

I added a large black distressed mirror, flanked with candle sconces. Two wooden side tables balance out the weight of the large leather couch, and also allow for places to set drinks.

The large bull was inherited with the purchase of the cabin.  He kept me company as I worked many long hours decorating.

The old brass and wood ceiling fan was so out-of-date for the large log cabin living room. This wine barrel light from Restoration Hardware was my inspiration. But, at $2295, it was out of the budget.

There is a wonderful store in Franklin, Tennessee, called “PD’s”. They are only open Wednesday thru Saturday.  Ladies are usually waiting at the door on Wednesday for them to open. Every week they have something different for sale. This is where I found the chandelier for the cabin.

The chandelier was unfinished, but the price? The price was $699 for this beautiful Restoration Hardware inspired chandelier!

I applied one coat of stain and polyurethane, and it turned out perfect.

Hanging the chandelier was an adventure. I had to purchase extra chain, and in order to install it, my electricians had to bring a lift into the living room. It was a little nerve racking, but we got the job done.

The right light fixture makes all the difference in the world!

Rustic Log Cabin Living Room

Once you have your furniture, lighting, and window treatments in place, it is time to add your accessories. I really like to choose things that are interesting and unique. Hunting at flea markets, junk stores, and antique stores is usually where I find the most interesting accessories.

I found this huge driftwood bowl at a local decorating store.  I was thrilled!  It was perfect for the large coffee table.  It is very heavy and took 20 grapevine balls to fill it! For added texture and “bling”, I purchased 5 bronze balls from Pier 1 Imports.

A monogrammed pillow was the perfect touch for the over-sized chair. I found this burlap pillow on Etsy.  If you are looking for unique hand made personalized items for your home, Etsy is a great place to shop.

This old saddle is tied onto the railing. For the holidays, it is removed to make room for all of the garland.

A clock on the mantel always reminds me of “Little House of the Prairie” and the clock that sat on the Ingall’s mantel.

A comfortable chair with a lamp close by for reading, is always a must in any living room.  This home is a vacation home, and relaxing is just what they plan on doing.

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