Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Sometimes coming up with living room wall decor ideas can be challenging.  There are windows, fireplaces, and entryways to work with.  Some living rooms have extra high ceilings, so how do you fill that space correctly?

Today, I would love to share with you some of my simple steps to choosing living room wall decor ideas that not only will fit your style, but will fit your space beautifully.

Decorating a Fireplace Mantel

The living room’s focal point is usually the fireplace. When beginning to decorate with wall decor I like to begin with the focal point.  I realize you may not have a fireplace, but for those of you who do have one, let’s begin here.

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas from Jennifer One of the most common problems is deciding whether you want a television above your mantel, or in another part of the room.  This becomes a problem because then there are two focal points.  What makes this become a problem is deciding how you arrange your seating.  Which focal point do you have your seating face?

To keep both focal points in one area, mounting the television above your mantel a great solution.  But, you may hate the idea of how ascetically unpleasing it is to see a television above the mantel.   A great solutions is to have a special cabinet to house your television when not viewing.  Then that built-in can become a great piece of wall art decor.

Fabulous Ideas for Hiding a Television!

Living Room Wall Decor from Jenniferdecorates.comI saw this television cabinet in a home in Nashville.  What a completely brilliant idea!  This cabinet is mirrored with antique mirrors, and opens in the middle.  It creates dual function!  Not only is it beautiful, but it hides the television when not in use!  I love it!

Choosing the Right Fireplace Decor


This rock fireplace is beautiful, but the pine mantel didn’t add much to the detail.  I painted the fireplace mantel black, and purchased a new fireplace screen, and accessories.

Living room wall decor ideasAfter:

Living room wall decor ideasThe gold fireplace screen really pops off the rock fireplace.  The two large vases add even more beautiful details to the fireplace.  Don’t be afraid to use larger items on the hearth.

Large Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas from Jennifer DecoratesIf you have a large wall in your living room, choosing large wall decor is the trick.  You don’t want to minimize your wall, you want to maximize it!

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas from Jenniferdecorates.comNot only is the large wall decor perfect for the space, take a look at the long drapes.  I hung them higher than the window to also take advantage of the large wall.

Mirror Mirror, on the Wall

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas from Jennifer DecoratesI have a mirror hanging in every room in my house.  They reflect light and and make a room feel and look larger.  I found this mirror at Stein Mart.

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas from Jennifer Decorates.comThis mirror hangs in one of my client’s homes.  Take a look at her lamps!  They actually become part of the wall decor!

A Collage of Pictures

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas from Jenniferdecorates.comHanging a collage of pictures fills up a lot of wall space, and is very attractive!

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas from Jennifer Decorates.comWhen hanging a collage of pictures you can space the pictures apart, or hang them very close together!

A  Bookshelf is a Great Living Room Wall Decor Idea!

Living Room Wall Decor IdeasYou may be saying, “Jennifer, a bookshelf isn’t wall decor”.  Maybe it does not hang on the wall, but it takes up wall space, and can be decorated to add beauty and interest to a living room.

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas from Jenniferdecorates.comThis cool bookshelf is from World Market.  Love that store!

Decorating Outside the Box

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas from Jenniferdecorates.comThe flea market is one of my favorite places to find unique decorating items.  These two old glass windows are hung above my desk in my living room.  Remember, living room wall ideas can be unique and different!

A Timeless Idea – A Large Clock

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas from

A large clock is a really great idea for a living room wall decor idea!  There are many different choices of very cool looking large clocks.

living room wall decor ideas from Jennifer Decorates.comThis is a client’s living room I was privileged to decorate. I found a really unique large wood and iron clock.  They loved it!

A Collage of Wonderful Memories

Wall decor ideas from Jennifer

Use the same colored mats and frames to keep your collection of photos from looking cluttered and unorganized.  For more living room wall decor ideas here is a great post from BHG.

Good luck decorating your living room!




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