Living Room Curtains

Living room curtains can make all the difference! They add warmth and softness to a room. Whether your style is formal or casual, curtains add the final touch.

Beautiful curtains are on the top of my living room decorating ideas. So, whether you have custom draperies made, or purchase ready-made panels, choosing the right curtains, and installing them correctly will turn your room into a cozy and comfortable living space.

You can choose a simple swag valance, or long draperies. Drapery panels that are stationary and frame a window give so much depth to a room.

living room curtains

living room curtains

When choosing long panels, you always want to consider hanging them about 6″-12″ above the top of your window frame if space allows. This adds more height to your room, and shows off your drapery hardware.

Drapery Hardware and Hanging Drapes

Let’s talk about drapery hardware and hanging draperies for a minute. Drapery hardware can be very expensive. Depending on your style, elegant looking drapery hardware is a must. It really shows off your drapes.

One little trick I use to save money when I am going to use long drapery panels, is cutting the wooden pole down to 18″ – 20″. You can buy a 96″ pole from the home improvement store. You will be able to get four cuts, whether you cut your rod 18″ or 20″. That will do two windows, if you are putting panels on both sides of your windows.

Next, you will need to drill holes for your finial screws. Make sure you choose a drill bit that is the same size as the screw in your finial.

living room curtains

Instead of a rod pocket, putting your long drapes on rings really shows off the pole and finials. This is very easy to do! If you have cut your rod down to 18″ – 20″, purchase 5 rings for each panel. You will also need drapery hooks.

living room curtains

living room curtains

Take your drapery hook and slide it into the back of the panel, making sure it doesn’t poke through to the front. Also, make sure you have inserted it far enough down to not show at the top.

You will want to space your five drapery hooks evenly across your panel. Then simply hang your drapery hooks through the eye of your rings!

living room curtains

Okay, here is one of my FAVORITE drapery hardware ideas I’ve discovered! I was looking in a craft store and found these metal finials. They were in the section where you find cabinet hardware!

metal drapery hardware

These particular metal drapery finials cost me $3 a piece! (half off, of course!) The tops unscrew, so you can place your drapery rings on, then attach the finials back on and hang your drapes!


living room curtains

Another option for living room curtains is to have long panels, and add a valance to go over them. With this choice, your hardware doesn’t show.

Bamboo Window Coverings

living room curtains

If having fabric draperies is not for you, then opt for bamboo window coverings. I love them! They are easy, elegant, and compliment many different decors.

Living room curtains don’t have to be extravagant and over-the-top. Just choosing window treatment ideas that reflect your style, and adds some softness to a room is all you really need.

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