Kitchen Cabinet Painting Ideas – Fabulous Kitchen Paint Colors

When it comes to kitchen cabinet painting ideas many people stick with the standard white, cream, or black colors. Any other colors seem to be intimidating and hard to visualize.

kitchen cabinet painting ideas

Edie from Life in Grace shows us that you do not have to be scared of color! If someone said to me I am going to paint my cabinet a turquoise blue, I would be really curious how that was going to turn out. But I love the look of cottage style kitchens.

Let me just say her kitchen…..turned out FABULOUS! It just screams “I’m a happy kitchen, let’s bake some cookies and sit down and have a chat”!

kitchen cabinet ideas

“Here’s a photo of the cabinets before. And although the results look dramatic it’s all cosmetic changes.”

You truly can make a dramatic difference with paint! If you are willing to work hard, and take a chance you can save a ton of money!

kitchen cabinet painting ideas

Primer and sanding are key when it comes to painting previously stained wood. This is not the fun part! But, if you want to bake a cake, you have got to break a few eggs.

Do not skip this part of your project. I cannot stress enough the importance of doing the correct “prep” work. Proper priming and sanding insures the durability and longevity of your paint.

kitchen cabinet painting ideas

This was my kitchen when I first laid eyes on it. If ever there was a kitchen in need of some kitchen cabinet painting ideas, this one was it!

kitchen cabinet painting ideas

So much better! Painting kitchen cabinets is not for the faint of heart. But, if you are looking to save money and don’t mind tackling your own DIY project, painting your kitchen cabinets will make a world of difference.

Below are a few more kitchen cabinet painting ideas from other sources.

kitchen cabinet painting ideas

Who says you always have to have white kitchen cabinets?

kitchen cabinet painting ideas

kitchen cabinet painting ideas

A little paint goes a long long way in changing the look and feel of any room! For more detailed instructions on cabinet painting, visit This Old House.


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