Girls Bedroom Ideas to help you create a precious room!

I could look at girls bedroom ideas all day long! Maybe it is because we all love to embrace the little girl in us. Maybe it is because flowers, tulle, ruffles, and lace just take us to the “princess” world we wish we could stay in.

Below are some girls bedroom decorating ideas to help you decorate your little girl’s room. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to make her happy! Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

While bedroom sets are beautiful, I like to mix and match furniture. It gives a room a ton of character. And, more importantly, you can save a lot of money purchasing different pieces from the flea market, garage sales, or second-hand stores.  If you love the look of painted furniture, or distressed furniture, then purchase second-hand and give your furniture a makeover.

Here is the photo of my little client’s room before we started decorating. If you are re-doing a room, take a look around and see what you can change up with paint or different fabric. Decide where do you really need to spend the money, and where can you save some money.

Here is her room finished. New curtains, bedding, girls wall decor, and some of her old things made new with paint and fabric. Let me tell you about what all I did to turn this room into a little girl haven.

What can we update?

The first thing I did was take a look around and see what can be re-purposed before any shopping began.

There was no reason to throw out this little table. I took it home and gave it a makeover. I loved the lamp, but decided it also needed a little makeover. The client already had some drapes picked out, so everything needed to revolve around the curtains. Using these curtains as the jumping off point was not a big deal because the colors pink, brown, and white are easy to design around.

Here is a close-up of the little table all fixed up. I painted it a light green color with acrylic paints. (only took two small bottles!) I took just a dab of blue paint and painted over the decorative wooden design. Before it dried, I used a slightly damp paper towel and rubbed off the excess paint. This technique allows the blue paint to remain in the cracks. It really makes the wooden design stand out!

Once all of the paint was dry, I brushed on a coat of acrylic sealer. Then all that was needed was a cute new knob. Painting furniture is one of my favorite girls bedroom ideas. Look for second-hand furniture pieces and give it a try!

If you went to a designer store, you would pay a hefty price for a hand-made lamp shade. But, for a fraction of the cost, you can design your own. I found the button trim, ribbon, and rose at the craft store. For just under $12, and a little hot glue this shade went from plain to cute and whimsical!

Girls Bedding Ideas

What little girl doesn’t like pearls? Or big girl…..

Just like I don’t like every piece of furniture to match, I feel the same way about bedding! The large pillow shams and pearl pillow are finds from T.J. Maxx. The pink sheets and white comforter are from Target. (I am addicted to those stores!)

When you are deciding on different girls bedroom ideas, try to choose things that can transition through a few years.  Many times if you decide on a specific theme or character, the child gets tired of it or outgrows it in a very short time.

Here is one of my favorite girls bedroom ideas:
Affordable Bed Crown

Here is my INSPIRATION idea. I think a bed crown is so beautiful! The one in the top photo cost around $500! So, yeah, that wasn’t going to work for my decorating budget.

The second photo is my cheap decorating idea! I decided to go out hunting for something similar, and about squealed (unprofessional, I know) when I found a fabulous metal shelf at the craft store. The dangling glass teardrops gave this shelf such a romantic touch. I got it for half off at $12! (okay, then I really squealed)

I purchased 12 yards of white tulle, and six yards of a very sheer fabric. I doubled the tulle and paired it with the sheer. Then I simply pulled it through the shelf, and tucked it behind the bed. I cut a piece of fabric around 24″ wide and 36″ long and tied a bow on the front. Now, that is a cheap decorating idea ANYONE can do!

Girls Wall Decor Ideas

This was an easy and inexpensive idea. You don’t have to be a floral designer to make this little arrangement. Cut some white tulle and place it in the grapevine vase. Then place a styrofoam floral block inside the tulle where it doesn’t show from the outside.

Stick some pretty flowers in the styrofoam block, tie a bow around the middle. Now, you have a sweet flower arrangement that your little girl can look at and dream about it looking like her future wedding bouquet.

Many times rooms begin to look cluttered when there are too many small wall decor items, or too many small accessorizing items. Purchase a large canvas like the one above. Or for a fun kid craft idea, purchase a large canvas and some acrylic paint and let your little girl paint her own artwork!

Tissue Pom Poms! Love them!

Hang some paper pom poms in a corner of the room. Adorable!
Click on the link and order from Amazon!
Cheap, easy, and pretty!
Martha Stewart Pink Pom Poms

There isn’t a little girl who doesn’t like to see her name up in lights. Find some wooden letters and paint them, or decoupage some scrapbook paper onto them!  Hang them slanted in different ways to give a fun and playful look.

A little sparkle makes every room special. Find some accessories and girls bedroom decor that sparkles. Look for inspirational wall decor or small signs to uplift your little girl.

Girls Curtains

Long sweet drapery panels on a plain white wooden rod is a perfect fit for any little girls room. Layla Grace has a fantastic line of beautiful little girl drapery panels to make your girls bedroom ideas perfect!  Be sure to check them out!

Wall Mural Ideas

There is just something about girls bedroom ideas that is so much fun to do! Maybe it is because we can let that inner child come out again. Finding different wall mural ideas is no exception! If your budget allows, a wall mural is a wonderful way to make a child’s room come alive.

You can add so much character with paint. If you are looking for unique ideas please visit Anita Rolls, fabulous muralist! She has tons of ideas. When trying to locate a muralist, do your research and make sure to check out their recommendations.

Wall Decals

I am very picky about wall decals.  Some wall decals on the market look really tacky to me. (not very nice thing to say, I know) But Layla Grace makes some of the most beautiful and elegant wall decals. If you don’t want to have a huge design on your walls, a simple monogram is perfect. But, I have to say this little deer and woodland animals mural is just too adorable.

Check out the wall decals from Layla Grace, you won’t be disappointed!

Quick summary of girls bedroom ideas and tips:

~ Select your colors
~Choose accessories carefully, don’t overcrowd the room
~Think outside the box for wall decor
~Shop at unique stores and flea markets
~Look for ways to personalize
~Keep window treatments simple
~Don’t stress over finding a bed set. Mix and match.

I hope all of these ideas help you with your girls bedroom ideas. Take a look around my website for other fabulous ideas to help you create a home to enjoy and love!