French Country Cottage Furniture – Transform Your Furniture! Easy!

French Country Cottage furniture is unpretentious and unique. Whether a piece is all white, or painted in a soft hue, this style of furniture has a distinct beauty all its’ own. It can have a weathered patina, or an antiqued finish. And because it has a purposefully imperfect finish, it makes it durable and easy-going for any family.

This first furniture makeover idea is fabulous! Not only is it easy, but talk a great budget decorating idea! I love it! Kim, from Savvy Southern Style is the queen of decoupage ideas!

There isn’t anything that “tickles my fancy” any more than taking an old piece of furniture, and giving it new life! That is what I LOVE about this Mod Podge project!

If your style is French Country or even Cottage Style decorating, this project is perfect! Mod Podge is a product that is a waterbase sealer, glue, and finish all in one. Okay, let’s dive into this project!

french country furniture

This project works best if you have a piece of furniture that has an inset on the front. The fabric chosen for this project is a beautiful French countryside scene. Kim traced her pattern with brown wrapping paper. Next, she placed it on her fabric and cut out her design.

French Country Cottagefurniture

Start by brushing on the Mod Podge on the first inset. Applying the Mod Podge in the inset will adhere the fabric to your furniture. Work with one inset at a time. Next, take your first fabric cut-out and place it in the inset. Brush on another coat of Mod Podge directly over your fabric.

Mod Podge looks white and milky when it is wet. Don’t panic! It will dry clear, I promise.

french country furniture

I am an antiquing glaze fanatic! But, seriously, this is the secret to giving any piece of furniture that “old” look. Here, Kim used antiquing glaze over the fabric.

TIP: Apply your antiquing glaze with a brush. Start with the outside edges first, then begin moving towards the middle. You want the antiquing glaze to be darker around the edges, and lighter as it moves towards the middle. This gives a very natural aged look.

french country cottage furniture

french country cottage furniture

The best part of this project is the price! The cost of a little bit of fabric, a bottle of Mod Podge, and antiquing glaze. Talk about a cheap decorating idea! Your completed project is a unique creation! It will be a conversation piece for years to come.

Learning How to Paint Your Own Furniture

French Country Cottage furniture

Want to create this fabulous piece of French Country cottage furniture? Then purchase the e-book from Altar’d! For only $10 you can learn all of their tricks and techniques! For $10 you will receive 84 pages of instructions, that will teach you how to prep, paint, distress, and apply antique glaze to your furniture. Now, that’s a deal.

Hope you enjoyed these unique furniture makeover ideas! Remember, don’t be afraid to try something new. If you don’t have an old piece of furniture, visit the flea market, thrift store, or garage sales.

Once you try your hand at furniture makeovers, I promise, you will be hooked! Thanks for stopping by!