Fall Mantel Decorating Ideas

Hello and welcome! I would like to share some fall mantel decorating ideas with you!  I love this time of year, and adding some fall decor to my home brings a warm and fuzzy feeling to everyone who enters.

Mantel Garland with Two Variations

Everything is the same about these two fall garlands, except with the choice of the largest ribbon.  In one garland, I used the wide bronze mesh ribbon, and in the second, I chose a wide green inscribed ribbon paired with a burlap rope ribbon.


I used six foot lighted Christmas garland for the foundation of my garland.  You don’t have to use lighted garland, but the little lights look wonderful in the evening.

I chose three different ribbons.  A large mesh ribbon in brown and bronze, a medium burlap ribbon in orange, and a narrower ribbon in regular burlap.

I used a bag full of natural balls, pine cones, and then different fall sprigs.

The key to choosing both your ribbon, and all of your fall fillers, is to have large, medium, and small sizes.

These are the ribbons I paired together for the other garland.

Cut your mesh ribbon around 24″ to 30″.  Make a loop and tie to your garland. I trimmed a lot of the green sprigs off, because I did not want too much of the green showing through.

If you are making the garland with the green ribbon, make a loop with each ribbon and tie together.

Making the bows is time consuming.  Try to keep them all the same size.

TIP:  Cut a piece of your ribbon 12″ long.  Then cut it into strips like pictured.  Use a piece to tie the middle of your bow secure, and then use the remaining tail to tie your bow to the garland.

I laid my garland on the floor to help me figure out how to space all of my bows.

Space your ribbons however you want! You can have them very close together, or spread them out to add more fall fillers.

Once all of your ribbon is tied to your garland, it is time for the fun part of adding all of the fall items you chose. Although, this is my favorite part, hot gluing is a dangerous business.  As I write to you now, I am wearing a band-aid to cover a burn!

Start with the end of your garland.  I like to have some of the leaves dangle down from the garland.

Start with your larger fall items first, then work in the medium and smaller items.

The trick to making any floral arrangements look beautiful, is being careful not to bunch things together.  Trim fall sprigs into smaller pieces; it makes a big difference.

Fall mantel decorating ideas are always something I enjoy doing. It makes me stop and appreciate this season.  Because, in a quick blink, it is gone.

You can’t go wrong with either one of these choices!

Sweet little pumpkins sitting in a row…..

Have a wonderful fall!

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