Boy Bedrooms: Sports Themed Bedroom

Boy bedrooms are so fun to decorated! I love it when I get a new client that needs boy bedroom decorating ideas! The sky is the limit. Below are some photos I took from a few model homes in Nashville.  They were too fabulous not share! Okay, this is such an awesome idea! A football field with goal lines made from 1"x2" boards and yard lines marked by stenciled numbers! Then a real football cut in half! Seriously, you can do this! Instead of painting your trim white, paint it black!  I … [Read more...]

Accessorizing with Mirrors

I really love accessorizing with mirrors. As I was writing this page, I started thinking about where all the mirrors are throughout my house. I realized there are many in my home! Not because I'm vain, but because I love light! One of the wonderful things about mirrors is that they reflect light. They also make a room appear much larger. Another great thing about mirrors is the fact that you can use them in any room. Whether it is in your kitchen, living room, master bedroom, or even in … [Read more...]

Apartment Decorating Ideas

Apartment decorating ideas are really pretty straightforward. When you are living in small spaces, every inch counts! Whether you are trying to live a frugal lifestyle or not, you can decorate your apartment to be the envy of all your friends! It is all about understanding the art of decorating small spaces. Studio apartment decorating can sometimes be a little more challenging because of the open floor plan concept. However, keeping with the basic apartment decorating ideas, and interior … [Read more...]

Accessorizing A Bookshelf – Cluttered to Gorgeous with SIX Easy Tips!

Accessorizing a bookshelf can seem a little difficult and frustrating. Usually when I am helping a client decorate a bookshelf, the main problem is there are too many books and not enough accessories.  So you are thinking "Great, what accessories do I place on a bookshelf?  Below are six easy tips to accessorizing a bookshelf.  Believe me, it will make a world of difference! Let's take a look at a few beautifully decorated bookshelves first, and then go over the six easy tips to decorating a … [Read more...]